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We offer all kinds of awesome reptile products like Zoo Med, Exo-terra, Zilla, Tetra Fauna, Provent-a-Mite, Nature Zone, Hatchrite, Komodo, Fluker's, Reptaid and more! Did you know we test every product we carry in our store? We do! Whether it's in our store or on our private collection.
We've got all your insect dusting needs... supplements, gutloads, quenchers ... all the variety you need!
Rheostats, thermo controlled heat rocks, cage carpet, digital thermometers, basking lights and much much more! See whats new...stop in and take a peak!
We've got a large selection of basking bulbs, UVB bulbs, ceramic heat emmitters & more
We Don't!!!
This is one of the best products on the market... come in and check it out... Provent-a-mite!