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18774 Middlebelt Rd.
Between 6 & 7 Mile Roads
Livonia, MI 48152 | (248) 919-0056
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Store News
New Reptile arrivals: hypo bearded dragons, Fancy/Stripe bearded dragons & more, Pacman frogs, blue death feigning beetles, blue iguana, red Iguanas, Brazilian rainbow boas, many colorful leopard geckos, green keeled lizard, baby red tail boa, baby & juvenile crested geckos, lots of new colorful corn snakes, king snakes & milk snakes, aquatic turtles, African Pixie frog, Mexican black king snake, African fat tail geckos, Russian, Red foot, Hermann's & Sulcata tortoises. Many beautiful ball pythons, Kenyan sand boas, baby blue tongue skinks, many tarantulas green bottle blue, salmon pink bird earter & more, desert hairy, Asian forest & Israeli gold scorpions ... click on the "Shop Now" at the top of the page to see all available reptiles.

Do you need a larger tank for your reptile to sprawl? We have front loading tanks in various sizes! Maybe your reptile dishes have seen better days? Decorations looking a bit tattered? Visit our counter ... we'll help you with all your reptile needs. We also offer gift certificates for any occasion :)
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We have changed over to Counter Sales & Curbside delivery. It's easy to shop with us! Here is all you have to do! We have lots of awesome reptile products! Come in to the counter... tell us what you need or what you are trying to accomplish...we'll make suggestions and bring the product to the counter for you to view. It's easy! Many of our awesome reptile products are visible right at the counter! :)

If you feel unsafe entering the store due to the pandemic .... we can continue to take your phone order & bring it to your car.

Just a reminder! We have no foot traffic beyond the counter & are not allowing browsing of the animals at this time. But to view available reptiles please visit our "Shop Now" button located at the top right corner of this page. Once you decided what reptile you want, come in or phone to discuss it with us! Not all reptiles are kept on sight. We also have everything you need to set up your new reptile friend!

If you phone during business hours and the line is busy please try back as we are assisting another customer. Please note the "shop now" website is updated instantly... you don't have to purchase on line ... just come into the counter and let us know what you are interested in. ViewIng on line is to make your selection.

We are doing our best to keep our animals and yours fed. Some things will be out of stock ... some things can be ordered ... good luck everyone! Remember everyone is trying to work together ... be patient, be kind.
Sorry, I'm not available via phone, email or facebook to assist with ill animals, reptiles and/or products purchased at other stores. If you need a reptile vet we can recommend one to you. Thanks for understanding we must keep our phone line open, our conversations short to assist people trying to feed their reptiles and support our shop.


We have the most awesome reptile wood!