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Stingers Exotics
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18774 Middlebelt Rd.
Between 6 & 7 Mile Roads
Livonia, MI 48152 | (248) 919-0056
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New live plant arrivals, Stinger branded soaker bottles, new "guaranteed for Life" fine misting bottles... they are awesome and don't leak! You don't even have to release the pressure on the bottle!

Whole Prey Meat Grinds exclusively sold right here at Stingers! Beaver, Muskrat, Turkey, Duck, Rabbit & Signature Blend that consists of Turkey, quail eggs & grasshoppers! Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongues, Monitors, Tegus ... other carnivores & omnivores love them! We also have Cactus.

It's very easy to shop with us! We have expanded our sales floor! We now have in store browsing of reptile products :)

Reptile sales are available... we breed reptiles and have many available. To view available reptiles click on the "Shop Now" button located at the top right corner of this page. Once you decided what reptile is best for you, phone before you visit to discuss it with us! Not all reptiles are kept on site. We also have everything you need to set up your new reptile friend!

Please note the "shop now" website is updated instantly... you don't have to purchase on line ... viewing on line is to make your selection and research the reptile which best fits in your family.

If you prefer rescueing a reptile ... we offer Rescues/Rehomes at our website. Click on the "Shop Now" follow the "Rescues/Rehomes" tab ... the adoption fee helps us with our rescue efforts.

We also have a Nonprofit Reptile Rescue, Rehome & Surrender Service. Please visit our Facebook Page Stingers Exotics Reptile Rescue Email: We will announce when the website is built.



We have the most awesome reptile wood!
Sorry, I'm not available via phone, email or facebook to assist with ill animals, reptiles and/or products purchased at other stores. We have products that can help with certain issues ... I charge a $35 in store consultation fee. The fee will be waived upon making a purchase of the same value. If I feel it's beyond what we can help you with I'll recommend a Veterinarian. If you are in another State or live further out we can offer a phone consultation fee of $50. Mention Consulting when you phone...ask for Hazel