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New Reptile arrivals: Pacman frogs, Pixie frogs, White's tree frogs, baby Brazilian Rainbow boas, baby Burmese python, beautiful Central American Wood turtles, baby spotted pythons, baby Children's pythons, Juvenile beautifully colored crested geckos, baby Green tree python, Mexican black king, cherry heads tortoises, Hermann's tortoises, red foot tortoises, sulcata tortoise, Russian, Hingeback & Leopard tortoises, pink belly side neck, pink belly snapper, baby blood red, butter, snow & other corn snakes, baby Carpet python, baby bearded dragons, leather back, hypos, Trans, citrus and fancy bearded dragons, colorful leopard geckos high yellow, albino, leucistic & snow, Mex mex king, pueblan, apricot pueblan milk snakes and more, piebald, leopard lemon blast, normals, albino, pastels, fires, fire fly, pastave, spark, vanilla spark, banana, banana super pastel, banana pastel, butter & more ball pythons, Kenyan sand boas...normal, albino & snow, baby hypo red tail boa, baby western hog nose, Ornate box turtles, baby & juvenile blue tongue skinks, Blue Death feigning beetles, many tarantulas green bottle blue, versicolor & more, desert hairy scorpions, Asian forest scorpions & emperor scorpions, vinegaroon
Do you need a larger tank for your reptile to sprawl? We have front loading tanks in various sizes! Maybe your reptile dishes have seen better days? Decorations looking a bit tattered? Come on in...we'll help you with all your reptile needs. We also offer gift certificates for any occasion :)
Please do not bring your reptiles or any pets to visit... Why? Out of respect for our reptiles that are territorial, customers who may have a fear, unknown parasites or unknown airborne illnesses... or Leon who may eat them lol... keep them home... keep them safe! Share a picture with us instead :)
Want to find out what's happening in the store? new products? new arrivals? This is the place to look! We update often... also like us on facebook for the most up to date pictures, products and ramblings :) lol
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We love our Rottweilers! Our store is protected by 1 of 5 of our Rottweilers... LEON!
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Arboreal feeders, Critical Care Carnivore & Herbivore, Jumbo Aquatic Turtle food, awesome woven hammocks, window gazers & bridges, reptile Home Monitoring System, Digital Scales, snake hooks, probes, tongs, forceps, scalpels and egg cutting scissors now available! Spring tails, isopods, leaf litter in two different kinds available. We now stock F10 disinfectant and cleaner. Black hide boxes in all different sizes ... even jumbo ... available. New magnetic products have arrived... Always something awesome coming!
Low Boy, Sky Scraper and Paludariums are now in stock. Stands and substrate trays are now available for Reptibreeze screen cages. Metal Halide fixtures that includes a Reptisun available. Repashy Superfoods are now stocked in over 20 different varieties. Be sure to check it out for skinks, tortoises, bearded dragons, horn worms, crested geckos, leopard geckos and even monitors! We carry their egg media, Vita A plus and Rescue Cal for deficencies.
Sorry, I'm no longer available via phone, email or facebook ... I've become the International 24 hour hotline for reptiles... I am but one person and just can't do it... however if you need my assistance you can visit the store during normal business hours for questions and/or availability. If you need a reptile vet we can recommend one to you. Thanks for understanding.


We have the most awesome reptile wood!