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We have been doing trials on various all natural products that help treat symptoms naturally...ORGANICLY in reptiles. We've imported an English tea that helps treat eye problems and works as an anti bacterial wash. It's available for purchase at our store for $1.50 each. The tea seems to draw the infection right out of the eye. We've had great sucess in treating leopard geckos, water dragons, blue tongue skinks and bearded dragons. The antibacterial qualities have also helped reduce scale rot and they really enjoy drinking it! Also helps with shedding in snakes & lizards.
Going on Holiday? We offer reptile boarding. Give us your routine and we'll keep your reptile on schedule while you are enjoying your get away. We ask that you arrange your spot in advance to assure space is available when you need us. On most occasions we have spots available for last minute plans, however, near popular vacation times we book up quickly.

How? Arrange your appointment with us at 248-919-0056 or when you visit give us your dates. We'll set up a time for you to drop off your reptile ... we will reserve a spot. Your reptile has his own individual spot with all of his lighting & heating requirements met. If your reptile has a small terrarium like a 10 gallon we may just ask for you to bring him in his enclosure. Chameleons, crested geckos and leopard geckos we may require you to bring them in their enclosure as to reduce stress. We wouldn't want them to drop their tail! Make your appointment today.

Family/Friend watching your reptile concerns:
We've added boarding years ago when customers were having trouble with family members not liking reptiles... afraid of their reptiles food... the neighbor forgot about their pet or let their pet loose while they were away... were concerned about fire while they were away... their reptiles food was eaten by ants and the family friend didn't buy any replacements... shedding issues arose and wasn't tended too... the list goes on and on... End your nightmare and interuptions on your holiday get away... let us do it!
By appointment only! :) We charge $8.00 to clip your bearded dragons nails.
Natural Products
We now offer Reptaid that has been effective in treating the following:

General Health Boost - sometimes it's difficult to tell what is wrong with a reptile. Assuming their husbandry is correct... sometimes they just don't look or act right. A few days of treatment with ReptAid and the colors appear brighter, energy has been restored and appetite is back to normal.

Viral or Bacterial infections ~ eye infections go away within a few days. Respiratory infections clear up quickly with out harmful antibiotics. Prescribed antibiotics leave a reptile lethargic with digestive problems... where as Reptaid make the reptile have increased energy and stimulates the digestive system.

Parasites - Reptaid has proven to be effective in treating coccidia. Also roundworm, pinworm and flagellates have been eliminated by careful use of Reptaid.

Appetite - many reptiles suffer from loss of appetite Reptaid stimulates the appetite.
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