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We offer four different sizes of crickets ... gut loaded, kept in clean environments and ready to feed to your reptile.

Wax worms, meal worms, giant meal worms and super worms are brought in twice weekly to ensure your worms are top quality. Our worms are fed so they are not starving in the container. Packed fresh every morning. (Seasonal availability on some worms)

Horn worms ... delivered fresh every Saturday. Sold singly or by the Cup (12 to 15 per cup) We offer Horn worm chow to extend feeding your horn worms.

Dubia roaches by the cup are available. Pre cupped in small 24 ct, medium 18 ct & large 15 ct cups with food.

Flightless fruit flies are prepared with a high quality food to aid in nutrition of your pet. Offered in d. melonogaster & heidi. (These are used for small frogs, lizards, tarantulas and praying mantis) Large 32 oz container with medium & mesh

Butter worms are not available yet in 2024. We'll post when available.
We definitely support feeding frozen rodents to your reptiles... the benefits of frozen clearly out weigh feeding live. Easy to store, convenience, safe, pest free and many more reasons. However! We also understand that some reptiles refuse defrosted rodents. Frozen Options: all sizes of frozen mice, such as pinkies, fuzzies, hoppers, small mice, adult mice and jumbo mice. Frozen rats are available in small, medium, large and colossal. We also have frozen chicks for variety in diet or to entice your picky eater to feed.

Live mice and rats: Our live mice sizes vary as with any living thing. Tell us what you need and we'll see what is available. Live rats are available in Small and Medium. Our Live mice and rats are fed a top quality vita seed mixture, fresh fruits, greens and veggies to assure your reptile is getting a complete and nutritious meal. Rodents are delivered fresh weekly, clean and well fed.
We believe that variety in diet, a clean environment and the proper set up is the key to a healthy reptile. That's why at Stingers Exotics we offer a wide variety of feeders, cleaning supplies and equipment.
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You can find all your feeding needs ... dry diets, moist diets, live insects... and much more!
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Monitor & Tegu Options:
We offer Whole Prey Meat Grinds! Whole Prey meat like Beaver, Muskrat, Rabbit, Duck & Turkey in a convenient container to scoop out to your reptile! We offer a Signature Blend that has Turkey, quail eggs and grasshoppers ... Bearded Dragons & Blue Tongue Skinks love them :)

Frozen chicks available