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Baby dragons require small enclosures. Depending on their size... I may recommend an enclosure 30x12. This helps you maintain their proper environment... it helps them find their food and not become overwelmed by their surroundings. Your tank should be sitting on a stand, dresser or table off of the floor to help regulate heat and not get a draft.
It's very stressful going to a new home... be sure to have patience... don't handle for several days until your dragon is comfortable in his new surroundings. I want your dragon eating, pooping and drinking every day no exceptions. If he isn't you need to come in & we'll go over your set up.
Temperature: 95 to 102 during the day... no lower than 75 F at night. Remember your temperature gauge is very important. You must have it possitioned properly and it depends on what kind you have. Please come in to discuss this with us. Do not guess temperatures. I use and recommend a reptile heat pad for digestion, as well as, a basking light & proper UVB bulb. Please come in to discuss the proper UVB for your size enclosure. (UVB's are fluorescent)
Substrate: Baby dragons should not have substrate in their cages. Please use reptile carpet until they are at least 12 inches from nose to tail. At 12" we will suggest continuing with reptile carpet or perhaps easy digestible spherical sand.
For those of you with adult dragons... don't ASSUME your dragon is in brumation if it's not eating, drinking and pooping daily. Check your tank temps.. make sure you have a reptile heat pad! Make sure they are properly hydrated. Does your UVB bulb need replaced? UVB bulbs continue to burn but loose effectiveness. Do you have the proper UVB for the size of enclosure? You can feed your dragon all the right foods but without the proper bulbs he can not process them.

Lately my time has been consumed by assisting with products and reptiles that have not been purchased at our shop. Please note that I am happy to assist with products, health concerns or reptiles that I have sold, however if you’re contacting me regarding products or reptiles I have not sold, please get in touch with the person or shop that did. If you need a Vet that specializes in reptiles please phone. I am no longer available via facebook, messages and phone calls as they have consumed all my time. My focus is being directed to the people that are supporting our shop. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
This is not a complete list but will give you an idea of what you can get to vary your reptiles diet. We use mustard, collard, endive, turnip, dandelion, escarole, kale, baby kale, arugula, bok choy, romaine, spring mix without spinach. Pick organic greens and vary them. Say you're using Spring Mix... pick up some mustard greens and mix in. Pick something different weekly.

Shredded veggies: green & red peppers, sweet potato, green beans, pea pods, alfalfa sprouts, squash, zucchini, canned pumpkin, carrot ... Shredded veggies should be as a garnish. I avoid things like: avocado, tomato, spinach, onion ... This not a complete list but will give you some shopping ideas. Pumpkin should be 100% canned pumpkin no spices. We use Libby's.
Housing for baby dragons:
List of Greens for bearded dragons, tortoises & other herbivores:
How much does my bearded dragon eat? Your bearded dragon is going to eat loads of food for its entire life! We feed 2 to 4 dozen appropriatly sized crickets daily. That is a MINIMUM DAILY. I have some that eat much more. (Make sure you can budget how much your little fellow is going to eat before you purchase a bearded dragon.) He will also eat a big handful of greens daily. We dust our greens with calcium & multivitamin daily. Dust their greens as if you are seasoning your own food. It shouldn't be white with dust just a sprinkling.
Do not feed any crickets larger than the space between its eyes. This is CRITICAL. Yes, it can eat it but it may not digest it. They can become impacted or paralyzed.
We feed pelleted bearded dragon foods. Keep pellets available all the time. If he doesn't like the pellet you purchased... try a different kind. Don't worry your pellets won't go to waste... crush them up and sprinking them over his greens. He'll soon get the taste for them. We can help make suggestions on getting your bearded to eat pellets... come in to discuss this with us.
NOTE: ons... they are selectively bred not mass bred. They are raised in our home and each one is spoiled! They are not brought to the store until we feel they are thriving and ready to meet their new family. It's important you understand this is a commitment for its entire life.
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