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What's the difference between a turtle or a tortoise?

Here is a tortoise! I happen to know... this reptile eats grass and it moves very slow. It looks like a turtle, but I understand... a turtle lives in the water, a tortoise on land.
We feed our tortoises lots of dried grasses, grass pellets, tortoise diet and fresh greens, fresh veggies and sometimes a bit of fruit depending on the species of tortoises. The species determines what foods you offer. What species of tortoises do we offer: Red foot, Yellow foot, Cherry head, Russian, Sulcata, Elongated, Marginated, Hermann's, Leopard, Greek and Speke's hingeback Note: They are not available all the time... you will need to visit the "Shop Now" button to see what is currently available. Tortoises live a very very long time... before choosing a tortoise be sure to do research! Different species of tortoises vary in size... be sure you can properly house the tortoise of your choosing for its entire lifetime.
Aquatic Turtles care is much like that of a fish tank... cleaning your filter cartridges... doing water changes ... a submersible water heater to maintain water temperature... a basking lamp and UVB to assure proper growth and artificial sunlight. They are awesome! But turtles grow... they do not stay tiny. Research is required as well on what species you can properly house when it reaches full grown. Don't buy a turtle when it's small and think someone will take it when it's grown... you will be very disappointed... they are very hard to rehome! Turtles live on average 35 years. We offer many pelleted foods that have variety like shrimp, krill, cranberry, meal worms, etc.
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We now offer some really cool products for variety in diet... like dried flower sprinkles, Repashy Grassland Grazer and others!
Swollen eyes and/or misshapen beak can be an indication of Vitamin A deficiency. We have products that will help.
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