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Updated:  March 05, 2015
Your one stop reptile supply shop!!!
Stingers Exotics
Stingers Exotics
Visit a one of a kind Reptile Specialty Store located in Livonia! We have the areas largest display of reptiles and reptile supplies!!! Many to choose from! We offer a clean, healthy, variety of snakes, lizards, alligators, turtles tortoises, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, toads, salamanders, axolotls, and newts. We are experience in the unusual.
We are a small family owned reptile shop ... experienced in reptiles! Not only do we keep our store in immaculent shape but we keep reptiles in our very own homes. Experienced with the knowledge of reptiles... PRICELESS! Come visit our store...

We offer a complete line of reptile products for the beginner, as well as, the advanced hobbiest. All of your reptile needs in just one stop... from front loading tanks, heaters, lamps, bulbs, substrates, dried foods, dishes, incubators, thermostats and more!

A complete line of feeders: crickets, wax worms, meal worms, giant meal worms, butter worms, super worms, goliath worms, night crawlers, red wiggles, large fruit fly cultures and more!
Live & frozen rodents. Visit our "feeders" tab for more information.
A Reptile Specialty Store owned and operated by hobbiest like yourself... experience the difference! Come in and say WOW!!! Come visit our store... you will see we love reptiles and it shows!
Meet Eric the Red our Red Iguana
Established in 2002
Meet Esther our Sulcata tortoise ... We love reptiles & it shows!
High End bearded dragons available
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