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Welcome to Stingers Exotics Reptile Specialty! Where unusual people find unusual pets! :) What are we and what do we do? Reptiles are our passion. We are a small family owned Reptile shop located in Livonia, Michigan. We've been in business since 2002. We sell reptiles and reptile products for the beginner, as well as, the advanced hobbyist. All of your reptile needs in just one stop! We have terrariums, heating supplies, UVB lighting, substrates, feeding supplies, thermostats, incubators, awesome reptile wood, dishes, bioactive products and many other products to keep your reptile happy and healthy. We have the areas largest selection of reptile supplies. We also breed and sell reptiles but you must follow the "Store News Tab" before visiting as service has changed. We are also experienced in keeping many kinds reptiles. If you're serious about reptiles... we'll get you going in the right direction!
Bearded Dragons
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Are you interested in a bearded dragon but do not know where to start? Are you reading or hearing conflicting information? Look no further! We breed our own bearded dragons. We select breed not mass breed. They are raised in our home and do not come to the store until we feel they are big enough, thriving and ready to meet their new owners. When you're ready to make the commitment... Ours come pre spoiled!
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Available feeder insects, feeding supplies, feeder rodents and more!
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Feeding / Care / Requirements
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Natural remedies is just that ... provided your husbandry is spot on...check out products that will help you with reptile eating disorders, shedding problems, bacterial, parasitic and more.
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